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Deepwoods MC Kongsberg was started in 1998. There were no suitable Harley Davidson Club in Kongsberg at the time, so we decided to start our own.

It has been several meetings and a lot of hard drinking to reach the point in which we are today.

First we had to come up with a name, and after a lot of moonshine and one hell of a fight, we thought "Deepwoods" was the right name for us. 

Then we had to come up with a logo that was in the spirit of a  club located  in the Deepwoods of Kongsberg. 

So, after a lot of drawing we came up with the moose as our logo, and it's soooooo cool........... (we think!)

A very good friend gave us an area in the middle of nowhere to build our clubhouse, and that suited us just fine. The only neighbours are some bloodbrothers of our logo. 

We hoped to have the clubhouse ready in spring 2000, and we achieved our goal ! 

The clubhouse is now finished and pictures, as you can see, are available.

We were actually able to grab a prospect and he was celebrated at the same time as we "opened" our clubhouse, may 19th 2000.

In 2003 we had to move out of our 1st clubhouse, so we got a new one in a barn.

After a lot of work we had a clubhouse, some time later we did build a workshop so we had a place to build bikes.

In the fall 2009 the club did deside that we needed som bigger ( and warmer ) place to be.

We found the perfect place on Heistadmoen army camp, so we didi move there in janary 2010, and hope we will be there some time.

  We  would like to wish every biker in the area, either you live in Kongsberg or just travelling by, welcome to visit us! 




When we have some more info we will update this site.

Have a nice ride!!